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The Biggest Solar Stories of 2019

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Article posted by Emrah Baykal

Two Major Developers shut down their EPC arm

Cypress Creek Renewables had a turbulent year, after laying off 20% of their workforce in January and new executive leadership coming in. New CEO, Sarah Slusser implementing the ‘Go Forward Strategy’. The utility-scale developer seeks to reorient itself around competitive markets beyond the Carolinas, using third-party construction instead of its own staff. On the West Coast, First Solar exits its EPC business to concentrate on scaling, developing & selling its wildly successful Series 6 module.

Million Solar Roofs hit target

Back in 2006, then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the Million Solar Roofs Initiative. Helped create the largest and most successful rooftop solar market in the world, over 77,000 jobs associated – which is more people employed than the state’s five largest utilities combined. Hit capacity in 3GW installed back in 2015 but reached 1 million installations in 2019. Now calls for new target - Dan Jacobsen (Legislative Director of Environment California) 1 million batteries to be installed by 2025.

Solar ITC extension fails to make it into extender’s package. Set to step down from 30% to 26% in 2020.

An extension to the subsidy was removed from the annual House spending package, but did include the wind production tax credit.