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Article posted by Emrah Baykal

Like countless industries, Solar has experienced a delay in some projects this year, and the associated loss of jobs in the wake of COVID-19. Conversations with our clients, however, suggest the industry is set to bounce back and many already have aggressive growth plans underway. Here at R&O we’re certain we’ll see lots of opportunities for hiring over the coming year. 

With this in mind, we recently asked Solar professionals to complete a salary survey as we were keen to delve into the salaries and benefits packages currently offered in this exciting industry. We’re pleased to have uncovered some interesting findings and statistics which we’re now keen to share with you in our latest free download. 


Our survey was carried out amongst three main groups: Utility Scale, Construction and CI/DG. Our download highlights differences that are apparent between them, but explores consistencies across the three Solar specialisms, too.

For instance, we discovered that differences in salary are evident, with the best salaries being found within Utility Scale. We also revealed that bonus is a motivator for all three specialisms, but employers may be interested to learn that bonuses no longer feature in Solar employees’ top five benefits that most motivate them. Download our findings to unveil candidates’ top motivators and to also learn what they feel is missing from their current packages. 

Tops Tips 
Our survey results were so conclusive that we’ve been able to offer key takeaways for both candidates and hiring managers.  

Our tips for candidates include:

  • Ask for remote working if it’s important to you. Our survey revealed that the majority of Solar employees will now accommodate remote/flexible working requests and that remote working is a leading motivator for many people working in the industry. Perhaps this suggests how Solar has been able to navigate the coronavirus crisis and progress with growth plans regardless.

  • Negotiate your package. Although certain benefits are important across the board, our survey did uncover some differences in what Solar professionals at different levels wanted and there does appear to be some flexibility on what employers can offer in order to secure the best talent. 

Our tips for hiring managers include:

  • Consider tailoring your salary and benefit packages. As stated above, there are some blanket benefits which seem to appeal to the majority of Solar employees, but others differ depending on what stage of their career individuals are at. Being flexible in your offerings may be key in you becoming an employer of choice. 

  • Not all benefits need to equate to extra cost. The results of our survey indicated that employers could be missing a trick when it comes to promoting things like company culture as a perk. According to our respondents, culture, and some other relatively low-cost benefits are surprisingly high on their list of priorities when looking for their next career move. 

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