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The Solar Industries Growing Gender Pay Gap


Article posted by Courtney Howard

Our latest Solar Salary Guide has revealed a 10% Gender Pay Gap across the industry, up from 6% in 2020.

Equality key for growing solar markets

When sharing this statistic with our clients, it was met with concern. Although a 10% gender pay gap is smaller than many industries across the US, it still points to inequality within the industry. The fact that the gap has grown since 2020 presents a case for discrimination being at hand and a need for improvement.

As the Solar Industry grows and demand for qualified talent remains intense, it is crucial to keep equality at the center of attention. Attracting new talent to growing candidate short markets is complex, especially when inequality is in the mix. Starting with equality will begin to stack the odds in the employer's favor against competition and other industries and come with many other benefits.

Equality benefits everyone

When looking at society as a whole, offering fair salaries between men and women is attractive to women and gives everyone choice outside of work. Fair pay between men and women will provide them with options to choose careers to pursue, the hours they work, and how they balance their work and family lives. Diversity and inclusion are now central to modern working and should be at the forefront of the hiring process.

For businesses, equal pay creates a competitive workforce that provides the company with multiple benefits.

By rewarding employees equally for the same volume of work, you can:

·       Demonstrate your organization's values to employees

·       Increase efficiency and motivation

·       Attract top talent

·       Align your company's social responsibilities

·       Avoid legal claims

Not only that, but a lack of equal pay can create an unmotivated workforce, negative bias towards management, and lead to lackluster performances.

Every worker deserves to have a voice and be adequately represented and protected. All modern organizations are responsible for ensuring their employees are valued and provided with tools and resources to feel secure.

At RO, we put diversity, inclusion, and equality at the center of the hiring process and regularly offer consultative services to companies across the Solar industry. If this is something your company would benefit from, don't hesitate to contact us.

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